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How Does Purse Ship Orders?

Whenever you shop on Purse, you can rest assured that your packages will arrive in time. Our orders are directly fulfilled by Amazon, so the shipping times are almost the same. 

I Can't Find My Package

Don’t worry! We are here to help. Sometimes, the carrier marks a package as delivered when in fact it’s waiting in their warehouses, so it may take some extra hours before it’s sent to you. If your package is being shipped by companies like USPS, UPS, or FedEx, a simple phone call with them will solve most issues, they will verify the actual status of the delivery and double check your address to make sure the package was sent to the correct one. There’s a chance the package is just hanging around in your local post office. 

When the delivery company is unable to access your property or if there’s no one at your house, they will often attempt to deliver the parcel to a neighbor, so make sure to check up with them in case they have your stuff. 

If you haven’t found your package and the carrier insists that the parcel was delivered, you can file a claim and they will assign a number to the case, make sure to contact our support department at with the claim number so that we can assist you further. 

Amazon Logistics

If your Purse order has an Amazon tracking link attached, you might be able to see a tracking number, however, due to recent Amazon changes to the way Wish Lists and Gift Registry Addresses work, tracking number might not be disclosed in the tracking link. Don't worry, Purse makes sure your order is properly purchased and shipped to you. If you need help tracking your order, feel free to contact our support staff to get more info.

Lost or stolen delivery

If you believe your package was stolen from your porch or property, please immediately contact your local police department, making sure to annotate all relevant information, and taking a picture of the police report, kindly contact our department at with the documentation so that we can ask Amazon to ship a replacement or process a refund for you.
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